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  • Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Well, I’m planning on implementing a shortcode for showing QuickShare (see, but not for hiding it. Hiding it is probably a more likely use case, but a shortcode doesn’t seem appropriate for that. Do you think that’s the best approach?

    Maybe another solution : in a post/page edit, I can choose to have comment, pingback, other things (flattr button with a plugin), etc. on a page basis.

    So maybe a checkbox on each editing post : whith or without share button.

    Not sure how this can be done…

    Let’s have a step back.
    In “general quickshare option” an option “always put quickshare on pages/posts”.
    Then on each editing, a button “do not insert quickshare here”.

    And then a shotcode possibility is another choice : if a writer put a shotcode anywhere : quickshare come on.
    If no shortcode : quickshare is where it goes on a normal basis : bottom of post 🙂

    Not sure I’m clear 😉

    Hey first off great work on this plugin! I’ve seriously tried at least half a dozen bloated, obtrusive, tacky social media sharing plugins before finally arriving at this one. The simplicity is exactly what I was looking for!

    However I too am in need of the feature to disable the sharing bar on specific pages – namely the homepage.

    Right now I am hiding it with CSS, but I’d prefer a solution that strips it out completely on selected pages.

    I’d recommend starting with an “exclude on page IDs” field on the QuickShare config page. I’ve seen other plugins employ a similar feature.

    Let me know if that makes sense.


    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    I think I’m going to go with an “exclude by ids” field on the plugin config page for exclusions (it will take post ids from any post type). I might also add a hide from homepage button (which would only show up if there’s a static homepage and QuickShare is enabled on pages).

    Then the shortcode will be for adding QuickShare on specific pages, with the added flexibility of placing the links wherever you want (included including multiple locations).

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Also, I don’t want to add any UI elements to the posting screen because that goes against the plugin’s goals of bloat-less-ness. A hide from homepage button solves a pretty common use case and is technically straightforward (especially when themes add things after the_content() on the homepage.

    Nice ideas ! Waiting for this update 🙂
    Good work.

    Nick I think your plan sounds great!

    Looking forward to the updates. Keep up the good work.

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    The update to version 1.4 just went out, and contains the [quickshare] shotcode to only show QuickShare in specific places, and an Excluded Posts (of any type) by ID field in the QuickShare Config settings page to disable the automatic display on certain pages/posts.

    Awesome work! Totally using this new feature on a site I’m working on right now. Thanks again!

    Good idea and good job !

    But what if my homepage shows excerpts of the 6 or 7 last posts ? With this version of QuickShare, my screen is literally cluttered with tiny icons of social media (my homepage is not static).

    any solution ?

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Yes, that’s an issue and I don’t currently have a good solution. It’s particularly annoying with the Twenty Fourteen Theme (in development), which shows post-formatted posts in the sidebar. Note that as of the 1.4 update, QuickShare shouldn’t show up on the_excerpt, only the_content. This isn’t related to this (already resolved) forum thread, though, so please create a new one with your issue and we can further investigate.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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