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  • I’ve decided I wouldn’t use WPMU, but have been working hard to abuse-proof my site so that I can allow multiple users. While I’ve done a good job of making it a multi-author site in general, I’m still having a lot of trouble with post restrictions.

    Does anyone know a plugin that disables general authors from being able to edit the advanced posting options and things such as category, trackback, etc at the right of the post editor?

    And if not a plugin, how I can manually take these out of general author’s posting abilities? My status is, of course, global moderator. I want only those above Author status to have the ability to modify which category a post goes in, etc.

    Thanks in advance. I’ve searched for this a long time.

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  • Try to use the user Roles existing in WP: there is no “global moderator” and there is no “general author”.
    There are only 5 roles in WP – so it shouldn’t be that difficult to learn them.

    And most of all, read before posting:

    My mistake for calling them variations of their original names. What I meant to say was “author” and “administrator” and thank you for suggesting I read, but I already have read that and many other articles on the topic.

    As for the role-manager plugin, it certainly helps me, but its still not the right solution. I’m looking for a plugin or manual help on how to disable people in the “author” role from choosing which category they want their posts to be published in, choosing wether or not they want to allow comments, choosing their post slug, and the like.

    Does anyone else have a solution?

    The problem with moderating posting to category options is fixed, but I’m still in need of a fix for the other problems stated.

    Again, I would like to hide or disable the extra post write options to the right and bottom of the WYSIWYG editor.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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