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  • When I upload an image, WordPress stores five images in the uploads folder, including:

    1. Original image
    2. Large size image
    3. Medium size image
    4. Thumbnail size image
    5. 120x120px image

    I know that images 1-4 are created by default via the Media Settings and setting any of them to 0 will disable the creation of that particular image size when uploading. However, I can’t figure out where the 120x120px image is being generated from. I thought it might’ve been from my functions.php file calling add_image_size(), but there isn’t any reference to that.

    Is there a way to stop the creation of this unused image dimension?

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  • I guess you just want to include a link to images, if so, just upload them and add the proper HTML…the gallery is for ease and use by those who can’t code…OK?

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