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  • Hi,

    I just realised that your plugin has reintroduced discussion / comments into my site, which I really can’t do with.
    I even get discussion availability for events, when there is no “who can comment” option in the back office…

    I did not select discussion option in the general settings nor in specific items. And I had added special mentions into my theme style.css, in order to avoid all traces of comments.

    Anyway to get rid of it?

    Thank you for your help.

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  • Hi

    We too cannot remove comments from posts/pages – even tried adding an area called ‘no-one’ and setting that to be the only area with perms to leave comments, but that didn’t work.

    No comments/discussion setting is default and also set on the page.

    Tried using WP defaults on the Comments option on the Access Areas section on the page, again with no results.

    Also found I had to publish the page as private to get the desired control, is that usual?

    Any ideas what is hooking comments in?

    Currently running multisite, 3.6.1 and basic WP 2012 theme.



    Plugin Author podpirate


    Hi there,
    that should be fixed with v1.1.11.
    Selecting ‘WordPress default’ for commenting should now 100% preserve WordPress behavior. please take my apologies…

    @ donty: I used add_filter('comments_open' , ... ) to hook into commenting privileges. All frontend related privilege requests are located in /wp-access-areas/include/class-undisclosedposts.php

    Great… as usual!!!

    Yep, that works well! Thanks very much for the quick response and fix. I had a cache issue on the publishing mode which now works fine.

    Where should we make suggestions for new features?

    I would like to see areas being able to be members of areas – that would make managing things much simpler, ie anyone in a top level area would automatically be in a subordinate/associated areas too.

    Anywhere to donate for you?

    Plugin Author podpirate


    Whew …. donations! Smack!
    I personally would prefer when you donate something for a secular civil rights movement, a sustainability project, third world or social project. Just something you consider useful. I am currently developing the plugin for a clients project, so my work gets payed. (Well, still gets payed…)
    [Aside: I won’t stop maintaining it after the project, I promise!]

    Please use the github project for suggestions:

    Parent Areas sounds like a great idea. I’m gonna put on my thinking cap.


    It works perfeclty, all comments have disappeared!
    Thank you.
    ANd… great mentality 😉




    I get back to topic, allright? 🙂

    First, it’s a very good alternative to UAM because you use virtual group caps which I can simple use with current_user_can near everywhere.

    But I miss role capabilities for the meta box aceess. One capabitlity for each part of the metabox would be a great improvement, e. g. assign_access_read, assign_access_write and assign_access_comment. Not all roles should have the right to assign read oder write access to the content.

    And are you planning to implent simple conditional logic shortcodes so we can save to install one additional plugin?


    Plugin Author podpirate


    Hi Zwene,
    role capabilities is a great idea. I’ll definetly going to implement this in a future version. (I currently put my focus on fixing issues and improvin the UI, so please have a little more patience)
    What exactly do you mean with conditional logic shortcodes?
    Like [has_access area="thing"]Come in, make yourself at home.[/has_access] and [has_no_access area="thing"]Get out! Things only![has_no_access]?

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