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  • It would be really nice if there was a tag like the <code> tag (something like <autoignore> or something) that you could wrap around html when creating posts and pages to disable auto formatting for the code enclosed in the tags? I’m making a fansite and it is getting difficult for me to get information set up the way I want when I have to keep finding ways around the formatting. The extra ‘s are especially annoying.

    An example of what the formatting does to my code:

    <h2>Taste My Beat</h2>
    <p></p><center><strong>Released On:</strong> August

    And it adds the space where the <p> is, and there is no way around it. I know that it is there to keep everything formatted prettily and XHTML compliant, but some areas really don’t need it and it only messes it up.

    I’m pretty sure that this is possible, so please please try it ????

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  • I am not sure I can follow your post…
    Fansite or not… if you want to use your own code – turn off the wysiwyg animal. (users > Your profile).
    It is that simple.

    Well, I can never reproduce the “borked html” errors. I can always put whatever HTML I want in the plain editor and it always works.

    Now, for the beginners (and those that don’t read the documentation ever):
    In the plain editor –
    Enter x 1 = <br />
    Enter x 2 = <p>

    Don’t mess with the Enter key 🙂

    Yet again, I lolz. I’m not new to WP, and know all about what happens when I “mess with the Enter key.” I am only requesting a tag that will make the script ignore what is between it when it comes to autoformatting. Not that hard to understand on my end.

    I re-read your OP. You mean you want to post (aka show) code? Or…?

    And btw, not using the Enter key still produces the same results for me. Without something to intercept the script from autoformating, no matter what I put in there and no matter how I put it in, it all comes out the same.

    @your reply:

    I don’t use code per se, it is mostly just stuff I want to format a certain way, and even though the tags I use (read. HTML) DO change the way it is output, the script still autoformats everything. So if I put something like: <center>something goes here</center> it spits <p><center>something goes here</center></p>. Get what I mean? I want it to stop this for what is inside something like<autoignore>.

    An example of what I want to stop can be seen here:

    Now, we are talking. The <center> tag is deprecated in XHTML. And WP is XHTML. So, you need to do some brush up on your html skills 🙂

    Well OMG stupid me. Not. That is only an example. It still autoformats and I don’t want it to. Really don’t see how you don’t see my problem. Did you even look at my code? Here is another example:

    <div align="center">
    <img src="" alt="" border="0"><br>
    <img src="" alt="" border="0"><br>
    <img src="" alt="" border="0"><br>
    <img src="" alt="" border="0">

    As you can see, it still does it.

    I give up on this request. It is obvious that you don’t understand what I mean / want, so no, I’ll not continue this and just hope that I can find a way to work around this myself.


    Instead of taking that kind of attitude, you could always do a search for “turn off autoformat” and see what you get. There are various plugins to do it, including one I’ve updated that you can find on my site.

    It lets you turn off the autoformatting for either the whole site, or page by page as you choose.

    Look for “” in and see if that helps…

    I’m sorry you feel I was taking an attitude, I just felt as though I was being talked down to. I feel my request / problem is easy to understand, so didn’t understand what was so hard to get x.x;

    I appreciate your help and am looking at the plugin you mentioned, and will try it out to see how it goes 😛 Thanks.

    I want WORDPRESS to read this idea!
    It would be a DREAM to have a code like the one described by ReneeGirl up here.

    <wp-ignore> I can do whatever I wish in here and wordpress will NOT auto format.</wp-ignore>

    This would require no plugin at all, and I could have awesome CSS separators for my site, or add BANNER codes inside there… anything… Without wordpress evil doings.

    I have a site here, and I try to add CSS coding and DIVS and SPANS, but wordpress eliminates them all… transform them into <p class=""> … really annoying.

    Hi, I did understand your problem and this is the same I’m into.
    I’ve found the solution. In case if you haven’t yet, then this plugin is a rescue to it.
    In this page, look for “WP Unformatted” plugin.
    Hope it would help others as well.

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