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    Is there a way to pin the admin menu “Open.” I am having a hard time adapting to the opening and closing menu (default closed, now), and would prefer the menu view be default wide/open with the sub-menus visible… I realize the submenues pop-out when you mouse-over the icons, but this doesn’t help me visually navigate the admin…

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  • I’ve seen that question several times and don’t know if it has been answered so will suggest these plugins instead:

    Also note that once you open a menu it will stay open until you close it again, your settings are stored for your next login..

    It’s so anoying… the behavior is there. I guess I haven’t cleared my cache or anything to see if that makes them sticky again.

    After clicking the double arrows to expand the tab/menu out, I would expect when you click on another item… the menu would remain expanded.

    Michael… is it true that the normal behaviour for the adminmenu is for it always to collapse, and there is no way to leave it open?

    I like having the option of either one, but if I was going to lose one, I probably would never switch to the icon/collapsed mini view, ever.

    Ok… thanks t31os_ so it is supposed to stay open…

    I’m gonna clear my chache…

    Nope, I just reset my cache, also tried Safari instead of Firefox 3.5… the menus will not stay open, each time I click on something else it collapses back to icon view.

    The behavior of those plug-ins (according to the screen captures) is exactly what I’m trying to get away from.

    Wish i knew what to suggest. I’d never use the menus if they didn’t remember their state (i’d hard code my own in place if that were the case).

    Can you try on another PC or another WP installation, just to isolate whether the problem is PC or WP specific… it will at least narrow down the source of the issue.

    Any apps that monitor web activity that could be blocking something perhaps? (AV’s sometimes do this)..

    Ok, I got it…

    In order for the menus to pin open, you must collapse and expand one of the sub-menus (vertically) (the up and down arrows), as well as toggling the admin menu open (horizontally). I was simply clicking the double arrow to open the menu out horizontally… and expecting it to stick…. it doesn’t

    … nevermind!

    Similar thread with a fix?

    Ah, good spot… i never collapse the menu horizontally… so i’d have never caught that..

    alism, I didn’t have to hack anything, I just had to click on the downward pointing arrow next to one of the menu items (drop down) before the whole…

    Thanks all for the insight to get this working. It is poor behavior. It should remain in the state you leave it in

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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