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  • Resolved cagsmith


    I’m not one to complain about a free, and admittedly fantastic plugin, but update 3.1.3 basically turns a fantastic plugin into something decidedly mediocre.

    Setting a hard 2GB archive limit? Really now? A lot of the sites I administer are less than this, but equally a lot of them are more. A lot of them are image heavy sites, which go back a long way. That soon adds up and setting this limit was inconvenient to say the least because suddenly I need to go and create additional, split backup jobs.

    And then today I encounter another problem. The 2014 uploads folder on one of the sites I administer is 3.3 gigs in size.

    We don’t have the level of granularity in the folder selection dialog to pick out “only” months 01-06, in order to make the files fit in the archive, nor do I particularly want to pick through 20 different tarballs to restore a site in case there is a serious issue.

    I know for a fact the server supports files of more than 2GB, since I just rolled back to version 3.1.2 and it worked fine.

    Can you please remove this hard 2GB limit? Why not just add a disclaimer instead saying “If your backup fails, try splitting it across multiple jobs” instead of implementing “baby mode”.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    In moment you can only do it with the beta version from github. That you can install by hand. in moment i can’t say when we release it.


    I have the same problem. I tried to revert to 3.1.2, but receive a handshake error from the Dropbox API.

    Which version is it exactly on github, I don’t seem to find it? Is it this one? It has been published before you replied to the questions in this forum so I thought that might be wrong.

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    I’m using 3.1.4 and I can’t find this option to disable the 2GB limit. Please advise.

    UPDATE: Ok, I found it in the git repository. I mistakenly thought the option had made it to the 3.1.4 release.



    Thank you very much for the!
    Works like a charme without limitation of 2 gig.

    I am currently using the the master plugin downloaded from the above link from Daniel.

    Seemed to be working but I am now encountering the error messages below

    [INFO] BackWPup 3.2.0-beta1; A project of Inpsyde GmbH
    [INFO] BackWPup job: BackUpBackup
    [INFO] Logfile is: backwpup_log_232929_2015-07-23_12-11-49.html
    [INFO] Backup file is: backwpup_232929_2015-07-23_12-11-49.tar.gz
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:49] 1. Try to backup database …
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:49] Connected to database helenwar_wyg on localhost
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:52] Added database dump “helenwar_wyg.sql” with 20.56 MB to backup file list
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:52] Database backup done!
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] 1. Trying to make a list of folders to back up …
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] 425 folders to backup.
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] 1. Trying to generate a file with installed plugin names …
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] Added plugin list file “Helen-Warner-Photographer.pluginlist.2015-07-23.txt” with 2.21 kB to backup file list.
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] 1. Trying to generate a manifest file …
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] Added manifest.json file with 5.33 kB to backup file list.
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] 1. Trying to create backup archive …
    [23-Jul-2015 12:11:53] Compressing files as TarGz. Please be patient, this may take a moment.
    [23-Jul-2015 14:11:59] Backup archive created.
    [23-Jul-2015 14:11:59] Archive size is 9.63 GB.
    [23-Jul-2015 14:11:59] 34244 Files with 10.28 GB in Archive.
    [23-Jul-2015 14:12:00] 1. Try to send backup file to Dropbox …
    [23-Jul-2015 14:12:00] Authenticated with Dropbox of user: Helen Warner
    [23-Jul-2015 14:12:00] Uploading to Dropbox …
    [23-Jul-2015 14:34:39] ERROR: Signal “SIGTERM” is sent to script!
    [23-Jul-2015 14:34:43] 2. Try to send backup file to Dropbox …
    [23-Jul-2015 14:34:44] Authenticated with Dropbox of user: Helen Warner
    [23-Jul-2015 14:34:44] Uploading to Dropbox …
    [23-Jul-2015 14:34:54] (400) False offset will corrected
    [23-Jul-2015 14:47:46] ERROR: Signal “SIGTERM” is sent to script!
    [23-Jul-2015 14:47:49] 3. Try to send backup file to Dropbox …
    [23-Jul-2015 14:47:50] Authenticated with Dropbox of user: Helen Warner
    [23-Jul-2015 14:47:50] Uploading to Dropbox …
    [23-Jul-2015 14:47:56] (400) False offset will corrected

    Any ideas please? Thanks
    Am currently running wordpress 3.8.8 (I know, I know – one reason why I am doing a back up so that I can update WP)

    Hi Helen,
    Try using the option “Don’t backup thumbnails from the site’s uploads folder”.
    This dramatically reduces file size.
    Maybe this can help.



    ver 3.2rc (master file) worked like a charm and solved all issues with 2gb limit.


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