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  • I was in the process of creating a WP multisite and one of the step to move on is to disabled all of the WP Plugin. After doing so I totally forget that once I disable the WP-Online Store plugin it erases your data. I didn’t notice the message box because you don’t receive the message box when you do a bulk disable.

    I have backed up my files before I tried to tackled this WP multsite BS. Can any please shed some light on how to re-build my store with all of my information back as its now blank and shows nothing but demo products. Is it even possible?????

    What a epic fail.

    Thanks All

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  • Hello,

    Did you get this resolved? If not, did you try restoring from the backup?

    This has been resolved through the WP Online Store Ticket System on the WP Online Store Website –

    The data for all the products is stores within the wordpress SQL database. It is possible to extract the SQL database from a backup and then import the product tables back into the SQL database. I would advise setting up a new database and importing the complete backup database. From there you can export the product tables as DATA ONLY. Once exported, they can be imported into the current wordpress database. It can take some time and it does require SQL knowledge, but it is possible.

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the delay, yes this has been resolved and I was able to recover my store. As “baldguy67” mentioned, I had to be pointed to the right direction but.

    This is what I did with help of support for a fee.

    My hosting company does a weekly backup of my SQL database, however when it came to recover the database I had to pay $12/year which wasn’t a problem to fix this issue.

    1) create a new, blank database on your server and import the backed up database into it.
    2) delete the demo products from your store.
    3) export the store database tables (one at a time) for the database you have just created – export DATA ONLY!! (NOTE *** I used phpmyadmin to do this step as it was easier that using mySql)
    4) import the tables, one at a time, into your store database. (NOTE ***I used phpmyadmin to do this step as it was easier that using mySql)
    5) upload all the images that were in the /wp-content/plugins/WP-online-store-product-images/images/ folder (Look for a backup that you might have made or see if your host company has a schedule backup running).

    The majority of the steps above(modified with my findings) were given to me by support at a cost and I am posting them here so I can help others.

    Hope it helps
    All the best

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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