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  • Hi,

    I’ve found lots of old closed threads on this, and I tried the solution that I could find, which is to disable the visual HTML editor in one’s profile. However, even after doing that, I can’t paste valid HTML into the post or page code view.

    WordPress is breaking things at carriage returns.

    About 45 minutes into searching for a solution, I’m turning to the forum, but it seems like this topic has people hot under the collar. Why?

    So, what’s the fastest way to insert valid HTML (with carriage returns whereever) into a WordPress post, and how can I make that process repeatable?
    Do I need to rig WP with a plugin?

    I mean, basically, I have valid HTML and I want to put it into a wordpress post…that’s possible isn’t it?

    Please, just tell me what to do so I can copy and paste my HTML without problems.

    Hope this thread results in a solution, maybe one I missed in my search…and not an argument!

    With peaceful intent,

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  • So, what’s the fastest way to insert valid HTML (with carriage returns whereever) into a WordPress post, and how can I make that process repeatable?

    You could try a plugin:

    HI, I used this one PS Disable Auto Formatting and it is working. Ya know, the plugin search ain’t that hot! But the forum folks and support ARE!

    Best and thanks!

    It’s like I can’t take a normal HTML table and stick it into a WP post. This is getting to be a real issue for me with WordPress. Wow. I would really like WP to leave my code alone.

    I tried one of the plugins, but it causes all kinds of issues, breaks plugins that rely on wpautop (at least that’s what I’m figuring out), and whoah…I mean…I just want to put my own code into WP posts.

    Is there a plugin that really just allows you to put code into WP posts?

    Now, just because I can’t figure out how to copy and paste a table into a WP post, I have to install this: and goof around for much longer than I would like.

    I am going to moan and groan for a little while here. Also, please add a really whiney annoying tone of voice:

    Geeeeeze, I just wanna be able to copy and paste a taaaable, and the WP HTML thingy messes it all up because of the carriage returns. Where is my blanky? Now I need to waste all this time and WP really shouldn’t be messing with my code at all. Why is it doing that? I want some warm milk! Maaamaaaaaaa!

    There. OK, off to have fun with my very mature 2 year old…hope she can stand her whiney papa!

    Seriously though, I’d like to be able to copy and paste HTML into my posts. The PS Disable Auto Formatting plugin breaks other plugins, ugh…




    OK, back from whiney land. If I could figure out how to disable WPAUTOP for specific pages or posts with a variable, then I would be good to go.

    Any way to combine that with one of the existing plugings?

    Basically, I’m using “Smart YouTube” which gets messed up, if WPAUTOP is disabled globally. Ugh…now that I think about it, I want to use “Smart YouTube” on pages where I also want to not have WPAUTOP to engage.

    Yuck yuck yuck.

    Messy messy messy.

    Seriously, I’m sure this whininess is annoying, but this kind of stuff makes tech work really unpleasant. When simple or “helpful” becomes “ridiculously cumbersome.”

    Ahh yes, here’s a reason to use a word I invented, and it’s ugly: “microsoftesque.” Ooh. that smarts…

    Gotta figure out a workaround for now…



    OK, well, here’s a workaround that people who suffer through all my whining will be able to read:

    Take out ALL of the carriage returns between code elements, so

    <table style=”text-align: left; width: 100%;”
    border=”0″ cellpadding=”2″ cellspacing=”2″>

    has to all be one line

    …and then, you can copy and paste code all you like. Just make sure it has no carriage returns in it where a carriage return would mess up the code.


    …works for me for now!


    Raw Code Injector is totally awesome…

    For <br /> and carriage returns in posts, you can force a line break in the WordPress HTML editor with:

    <br clear=”none” />

    Now that’s wpautop relief!

    Using the HTML editor for posts, try adding the code below to force a line break or carriage return. Unlike the BR code, the wpautop filter ignores it.

    <br clear="none" />

    Now that’s pretty good relief!

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