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    Why when I disabled the plugin it completely broke my site even after I cleared the cache?

    It looks to keep trying to still load the following even after I removed it from the folder as well.


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    as this has the “resolved” flag I assume you were able to fix this (presumably by purging you page cache(s))?

    have a nice day!

    I really would like to know how that problem was solved!

    I didn’t try to deactivate or delete the plugin. But on one of my pages, a whole text element from Elementor was all of a sudden a link. A link I had deleted a long time ago (we talking months) and which only was set for one word only, not the entire text. I checked in the text view/ html view and there was no link.
    I then deleted the whole Elementor element and in html added the content again. Still, there is a part of the text now as a link (that is not shown in the text/html window or the immediate preview on the right side, only on the website itself).

    Anyway, through the “Analyze element” function of firefox it told me this was the culprit when I clicked on “event” behind the link:

    I then went into my ftp account and deleted this cache file. To no avail.
    I cleaned the cache via button on the dashboard. To no avail.
    I deleted the complete cache content, to no avail.
    I reloaded the website after every step and analyzed the website again. Guess what? The cache file was back every damn time.
    I deactivated autoptimize to see if that would help but all it did was change the website’s formatting. The damn link was still there.
    Against better judgment I deleted the cache file again and again in FTP.
    Eventually, I deactivated Autopimize with all its data. The link was still there, only there was no autopimize cache file under “event” anymore.
    Then I reinstalled autoptimize. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the cache file (listed above) was back again.

    I don’t know what else to try. Any ideas?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Okay, I still don’t know what the heck happened there but in case someone has the same/ a similar problem: I deleted the whole block on Elementor and made everything from scratch again. The problem is gone. This time the specific cache file appeared to be gone for good.
    This seems to hint that the problem might be with Elementor or between Elementor and Automize.

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    first off; as per the Forum user guide it’s better to start a new topic instead of just replying an existing one melwenwantstoknow 🙂

    next up: Autoptimize simply combines all JS it finds in a page. if you remove the autoptimized JS, it will be recreated based on what is found. conclusion: some other javascript code (hint: “The link was still there, only there was no autopimize cache file under “event” anymore”) was adding the link and based on your explanation that JS code came from Elementor.

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