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Disabled password reset

  • Hi Jeff,

    I’ve been using this with Paid Membership Pro, and really like how my members can login on the front side of my site.

    Yesterday I got locked out locked out, and none of my password resets would work. Because I have a staging site, we were able to isolate it to your plugin.

    Is this something you could update, because I really want to keep my users on the front end, they would be confused if I had to switch, and I would not want them to have to go through what I did to get access to my site.


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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    I assume you mean locked out by the Security module? This is a good thing! Somebody was attempting to hack your site!

    With that said, TML 6.3 will send you an email with a link to unlock your account when this happens.

    No, it locked me out and disabled my password reset. The reset password would not work for login.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    And what did the error message say?

    incorrect password. Just like a normal password reset, except the new password did not work for login.

    My host has limit login attempts, so after 5 of these I was locked out for 24 hours. They said it was because your plugin had not been updated for 3.5.1 and disabled via ftp.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Sorry, but this is just not true. The only way TML will “lock you out” is when the Security module is active and all the requirements for lockout have been met.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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