• sirdexter


    I’m giving 1 start because it probably made my 10+ year old AdSense account disabled and loss of over $10K already. If there wasn’t HCU, it would have costed me like $25K.

    If you right click on the ad and inspect the code there is an IFRAME there which is illegal with AdSense policy. The ads also moved and auto refreshed as I remember when I was scrolling the website, so it’s probably also not in favor of AdSense TOS. Now, I’m using this with Adsterra, and now I don’t see such a behavior. So I don’t know whether it was Ezoic code or the plugin code problem.

    So I was using Ezoic and have this things as accusations from google:
    Auto Refreshing Ads:
    Non-compliant Sticky Video Player:
    More Video Ads than Content:

    Of course, the last thing is definitely not because of the plugin, but the first two – I don’t know what do you think?
    I’ll change the score is the author manages to address these issues.

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