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  • Hi, I installed NextScripts SNAP a few years back, and used to post regularly, but became very inactive, and so didn’t try to sort this out sooner. But the warning keeps showing up in my notifications at FaceBook and I decided it’s time to try and sort it out.

    I get these notifications:

    “We’ve disabled this app for violating the Facebook Platform Policies. You can continue to use it in development mode.”

    “Your app “” has been disabled for creating a negative user experience that is in violation of our Platform Policies.”

    When I set up NextScripts several years ago, I had no idea what I was doing, and was just following the instructions, so I have no idea if this is fixable, and if it is how to fix it.

    All I’m interested in is posting to Twitter and a Facebook page using the free version. Is this possible to fix?

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    It is possible, but since last November Facebook requires all apps to be reviewed before they can be used. Facebook asked you to submit your app for review and explain how you are using it. Since you didn’t do it they tried to check your app by themselves.

    The message you got has nothing to do with any violation. Facebook tried to review your app and they didn’t understand its purpose, so they switched it to the development mode.

    Please submit this app for review or create a new app and submit it.

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    I just wanted to add that I had the same thing happen. I didn’t submit mine for review proactively since I thought that it would pass fine. I thought this must not be an uncommon thing to do. But a secondary reason was that if this is not allowed anymore for some reason, then I would rather not call attention to it and hasten its downfall.

    I went through the motions to create a Business Manager or something like that and was able to “Ask a Question” related to the app.

    I also want to say that I named the Facebook app itself “NextScripts WP XXXXXX”.

    Here is what I put in my question submission (here in case it helps someone else), below… I believe this is an accurate overview of how this works.

    Why doesn’t this follow Facebook guidelines?

    This app was created to work with the WordPress plugin called NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster. That plugin allows for automatically posting WordPress posts also to Facebook. Since we use this on our website, we use it to automatically post articles and reviews on our site also to our company’s Facebook page.

    Basically this Facebook app is only needed as a pass-through so that we can post to our Facebook page programmatically (using the WordPress plugin). I was not able to find a way to do that easily using other tools or any tool provided by Facebook. Each website or company or organization that uses this plugin is required to create their own Facebook app for it. There isn’t a better way right now. The reason is due to each entity having its own Facebook credentials and those credentials are of course required to post to their Facebook page. To avoid that, I believe the WordPress plugin developer would be required to ask for and manage everyone’s Facebook credentials, so that is not the route they took.

    Is it possible that your review resulted in a failure because you don’t understand how this app was used? Could you please reinstate it?

    Thank you!

    P.S. I want to also note that this would apply to every single user of this WordPress plugin. The page for this plugin on (linked below) shows that there are 100,000+ active installs of this plugin currently.

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    We have hundreds (maybe even thousands) users who successfully passed Facebook App review using our guidelines.

    Please just create a new app and submit it for review. The will be faster than appealing to Facebook and waiting for an answer.

    @nextscripts, awesome, thanks! Will do.

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