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  • We use your dir auth plugin for our internal blog for authentication. Earlier today I made a required change to disable directory listing for our multi-site blog instance by editing the .htaccess file in ./data/wordpress. Since then domain users are unable to login to WordPress using domain credentials. We are seeing the following error –

    wpDirAuth Directory Authentication Error: Could not authenticate user. Please check your credentials. [dzarelli]

    I am still able to login using my local admin account.

    To disable directory access I added the following line to the .htaccess file at the bottom:
    Options -Indexes

    Then I restarted HTTPD and since that time I was unable to login using domain credentials. I did go ahead and edit the .htaccess file again and removed the line I had added previously, and restarted httpd, but the issue still persists. Full disclosure, I also updated a couple plugins earlier in the day but that seemed to be fine when I tested afterwards.

    I cannot seem to locate a log file for wpdirauth, and I’m not sure what log file to look at to find related errors. Any help you you provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • FYI – I am able to connect to the ldap server on 636 successfully using apache directory studio and the same credentials used in the WpDirAuth settings. I wonder if this could be a folder permissions issue? I’m not sure what else to look at at this point.


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    Plugin Author Paul Gilzow


    I did push out an update this afternoon. Are you on the 1.9.4 version or the 1.10.1 version?

    Disabling directory listings in your site shouldn’t affect the plugin in any way. The error message you pasted indicates a problem binding the account dzarelli with the password given. I’d suggest uploading this code after changing the first 30 lines with your information, and possibly the next 15 depending on your LDAP setup. The code is documented, but let me know if there are any sections you’re unsure of.

    Once it’s up on your server, visit the page and let me know what, if any messages it reports.

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    Thanks for the fast response –

    I’m on version 1.10.1 – If an update was pushed today that would explain a little more. I did perform plugin updates prior to the dir listing change. Things were good prior to the plugin updates. Both changes happened at approx 4:45pm today PST.

    The error I provided was what I’m seeing for my particular login, every single user is getting the same message for their domain user.

    I’ve modified the LDAP test file. I’ve uploaded it to my home folder. My apologies for the confusion here, but where should I put this file were I will be able to visit the page? I’m in no way an expert at this. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Paul Gilzow


    Yes, just place it somewhere you can access it so it will run. If you don’t get any error messages and everything is successful, can you roll back to the last version (1.9.4) and see if everything starts working again?

    Either way I’ll dig into it first thing in the morning (here).

    I put it in the wordpress directory with the rest of the php files, but I’m not sure how you would like me to run it. I tried to pull it up in a browser and got a 500 error.

    I’m also not seeing where to get the 1.9.4 version. All download links I’ve found resolve to the newer version we already have installed.

    I was able to resolve the issue by copying the wpdirauth.php file from our DR instance (it had not yet been updated) to the live server and dropping it in /data/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wpdirauth

    Once I did that users are now able to login again. I think something with the recent update fubar’d things. Our network admin/plugins page now show 1.9.4 installed. We will wait to hear back from you before performing any plugin updates. Thanks.

    I´ve got the same problem. At the latest version no user can log in via ldap (ssl bind). Error: credentials are wrong. After rollback to 1.9.4 all things are running again.

    same here, going back to 1.9.4 solved my pb )

    Same issue here. I had to revert to 1.9.4 to allow my LDAP users to log in.

    Plugin Author Paul Gilzow


    I should have a fix pushed out in about an hour. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Plugin Author Paul Gilzow


    1.10.2 has been pushed out that should correct these issues. Please update and let me know if things are working correctly. And if they’re not, PLEASE message right away as everything now is working on all my test instances.

    working perfect now regarding few tests, really ty for being so quick;
    I will push it on all websites after christmas 🙂

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