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  1. So, what does anyone think about an option to disable wpautop on a per post/page basis?

    I know there are sometimes when writing advanced HTML, that I would like to be able to disable the wpautop. I can do it now by writing conditionals to check and see which page is displayed.

    However, I thought it would be cool if there was an option somewhere in the post/page editor to disable wpautop for just that post/page.


  2. *Check profile and confirms that Josh published and supports some small visual editor plugin in the WordPress repo*

    I'm sure if you wrote a plugin like that for the post/page editor for selectively disabling it then someone would download and use it...

    Personally I like wpautop but we get requests on how to be able to disable it all the time.

  3. I agree. And for the masses... wpautop is GREAT.

    However, there are certainly times when that editor "munching" becomes a struggle. I thought a little tickbox tactfully placed somewhere might come in handy. But I'm sure WP doesn't want to "option-riddle" the editor pages.

    Thanks Jan. I'll look into the possibilities. I did see many requests.. most outdated.. and all suggesting a plugin.

    Thanks for the response :)

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