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    Hello WordPress-Forum,
    I have a problem with that new function of automatically image rotation by uploading a picture, for example with iPhone.

    When I upload a Image via Gravity Forms, the new function rotate the image in a wrong way. It makes a vertical picture (on this picture you can see for example a standing person) to a horizontal picture, and thats not correct! The picture was also taken by holding the iphone vertical.

    How can i disable that function, that the uploaded pictures will be implemented and shown into a post correctly?

    Best regards,

    Patric Betz

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  • I tested it again and with images, which are taken horizontal, it works.

    Only with vertical taken images, it doesn’t work…that’s a little bit strange 🙂

    Pictures were made with a iPhone 4GS and iOS 6.

    Any idea, why it doesn’t work with vertical taken images?


    It’s not a function that you would disable — what’s actually happening is that iPhones (and a number of other devices, but iPhones are by far the most common) save their images un-rotated, and expect other people’s software to handle the problem later.

    WordPress normally handles incorrect rotation through the image uploader, but because you’re using Gravity Forms instead, you’re bypassing the image uploader — the same thing happens when people post by email, for example.

    It’s a known issue, and hopefully it’ll be addressed as part of the media overhaul that’s coming up in WP 3.5, but in the mean time, there are plugins like this one:

    (if you’re interested, the ticket on getting this into core is here: )

    You might also try Gravity Forms support to see if anyone over there has any ideas.

    Thank you for this great answer….really!!!!!! 😀

    It works now!!!!!! YEAHHHHAAAAA:-)

    Maybee you will receive an issue in fact of memory-limit by using the plugin image-rotation-fixer. Then you must edit your PHP.ini! I corrected this issue few minutes ago!;-)

    Thank you @amy, THANK YOU SO MUCH! With your answer my plattform can be used now, without any restriction!

    You’re welcome! I’m so glad it helped.

    Amazing, thanks so much Amy for the link. This worked perfectly for me as well. 🙂 Phew.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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