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    Very great plugin with one issue. And it’s why i can not use it.
    It’s not EU – GDPR/ DSGVO conform.

    I couldn’t find any option to disable the archive of submitted formresults.
    Since we have multiple E-Mail recipients we are not allowed to view nor save any messages. It is not allowed to have the messages being saved in DB as well.

    If this issue can be solved this plugin only needs conditional logic to be perfect.

    Beste Grüße

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  • Plugin Author Sven Wagener


    Thank you for that hint! We will take care about an option to disable database entries after a submission. I have created an issue for that ( and I think this will come with the 1.1.0 version.

    Kind regards,


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    Please help me to understand, akrems. Is this your scenario?

    1. A user uses a Torro form to send a message.

    2. Torro will save the message in the WP database and (if enabled) send the message to you or someone else via email.

    3. Your concern is that the messages can be viewed by everyone who has access to the WP backend and not only the email recipient?

    Even though I like the idea of an option to disable the storage of messages in the database I also wonder if admins’ access (who else should be allowed to access the Torro backend?) to messages would be a violation of GDPR.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


    the concern is that you have saved data of the submitting user on your server you own. be it in wp backend or database which is only destined to go to an external specific email you have no access or policy to.Or in our case even on the own server.

    I would suggest this plugin to my agency if you can disable the submission savings. Otherwise its not usable.

    If the wp server owner does not state the saving of entries under the form or policies that entries are saved it is a violation to gdpr. And a company wont just change the policies. Thanks to dumb gdpr

    Thanks for your replies, akrems.

    Thinking it over I agree with your opinion. The idea I had (an admin would have access to data anyhow so that there is no violation to GDPR) is not convincing.

    I don’t agree though with your expression “dumb gdpr”. Even though there are some concerns I am convinced that GDPR helped a lot to enhance responsible handling of data.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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