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    I have about 15 things I need to fix with my blog, but I’ll start with 1.

    I am trying to disable the comment count but still leave the link to the comment section live (that is, my blog is relatively new, so I don’t have a lot of comments, therefore, I don’t want to show everyone how few I have, but I would still like them to be able to comment).

    Here is the screenshot, including the “inspect element” from Google Chrome.

    I am using the “Premium News” theme by WooThemes.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    By the way, if anyone is curious about the other things, here are some of the ones I will probably need help figuring out:

    1. remove archive on sidebar
    2. remove posting date from all places in posts
    3. meta tags and SEO
    4. google analytics tracking code – ok I can probably do this one myself… my concern stems from the fact that I have the live site running on my old blog, and I don’t want to lose those stats when my WP blog is up
    5. remove “information” area from sidebar
    6. fix search bar so it uses my google search
    7. install my adsense (on story and links pages only)
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  • Michael


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    screenshots alone are not of much use;

    however, the comments link with the count is likely to be generated by comments_popup_link()
    try and find this in the frontpage template (index.php?) and edit it to fit your needs.


    Thank you for the help. I did a search before posting my question, and saw a similar thread with that answer. However, my theme is coded nothing like that. Here is the main template (index.php)

    [code moderated according to forum rules – please use the pastebin.
    if you post short sections of code, please mark it using the ‘code’ button.]

    Here is the code from the comments template:


    And finally the portion labeled “comments” in the css template

    [CSS code moderated – stylesheets are easily accessible when you post a link to your site]

    Does that shed any light? Can you offer any more help?

    Thank you.



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    try to look into

    Don’t have either of those. I looked through several of the .php files, and the closest thing I could find was this:

    [next time, please paste the code into a and post the link to it here]

    but that’s on the sitemap template.


    On a side note, how much would you guess just to have a custom template designed (or a professional fix of the current one)? Maybe like a grand?



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    you will possibly not be able to access these templates: /layouts/default.php and /layouts/blog.php from the ‘apperance’ ‘editor.

    in which case you need to download the whole theme to your computer, edit these templates locally on your computer, and upload the edited tempaltes by ftp to the theme folder on the server.


    I get it. So I’d need to go to files installed on the server to find them, correct?

    thank you

    Hey I found it and it worked. Thank you.

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