• I purchased the Pro and I am not happy with it.

    I cannot select images ONLY.
    I cannot select a pop-up window or no pop-up.

    To bad that the plugin does not let us select “disable for images ONLY.” (I know they still can be stolen from the source! I am well aware of that.) That is a major downgrade for that plugin. Just disabling for images with or without a pop-up window warning would be great. I actually do not need a pop-up window either.
    To combine disabling images with text included in the Pro version is a big NO GO.
    Everybody uses right-click to open several pages within a website!

    Sorry about that, but that is how it is for me.

    Cheers Anette

    PS that plugin will go out of my website when I have found a good plugin which lets me select “disable images right-click ONLY”

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