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  • Hello everybody,

    I’m facing a problem I can’t seem to get hold of, maybe someone has a clue or even a solution for me:

    The problem:
    I’m trying to disable automatic revision saving but still need the functionality of the revisions (seeing them in edit_post view, access them on demand).

    I’d like to disable revisions when I publish or update the post, but being able to save a revision on demand with an extra “backup”-button in a meta box.

    The reason:
    Building an event site & magazin based on wordpress, I’m using the future_post hook to publish scheduled posts, so i can use all wordpress loop & date archive functions for my event list.

    Now I’m going to need to save events with multiple dates, so my guess was taking advantage of the revisions and storing revisions with a custom post_date on demand – that makes it easy to access all dates of an event inside the loop, and grabbing the post parents content for displaying multiple instances of a post.

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