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  • Hi, i have a WordPress website with many embed video.
    For be able to hide related video I need edit one by one every embed video i have or there is a solution to convert in just few steps all embed YouTube video before the installation of your plugin?

    My issue is I need to use in maybe 100 or more existent video on my blog… i cannot think to edit one by one every existent embed video for enable it in your editor block.

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    There is also a way to hide banner with other video showed when the video is paused?

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    Did you check the global setting for related videos in the plugin’s admin page?
    If you did, then were these 100+ videos embedded using another plugin?

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    Hi @embedplus , thank you for the reply!
    I never used another plugin for insert video, just pasted the Youtube Embed code so all my videos are posted with the standard YouTube embed code generated by the Google website.

    If you used original yt embed code, i think that there is no plugin which will help you.
    To use extra plugin options you need to add new embed code which is related to this plugin…

    You have 2 options. Use yt original embed code and edit all links. But when yt change something you will need to change all links again.

    Second option – change all links and embed code to plugin code so if something happens in the future with youtube, you can use just a plugin settings to change that.

    I can be wrong…

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    I cannot do for all existing video, also plugin can get broke, deprecated.
    I know maybe I need have custom Youtube embed but I’m asking if there is a solution for existing website like mine.

    Thank anyway @encoresin.
    I will try to wait plugin author.

    Yep, better wait.
    For sure its possible to write a script which will add somehow extra attributes when page loads but im not sure that will be easy thing to do :p if there is no plugin solution, you can try db edit. Download your db, make extra copy. Use notepad++. If your link looks like ‘?v=1234&control=1’ or doesn’t matter which attributes do you use, you can use option find and replace.

    So find ‘&control=1’ and replace with ‘&control=1&yournewatt=0’. Then by clicking change all – it will add extra things into place which you wroted (selected). If you dont use any attributes right now, that can be a bit different. You will need to use some text after link.

    But as on first line – better wait a bit 🙂

    Good luck!

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    did you find a solution yet?

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    Hi @richard245 .
    Sorry, not. I haven’t find any solutions.

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