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  • Plugin Author John Clause


    This sounds like a new feature request, but I am not sure what are you trying to achieve. Please describe more details on why do you want it and how do you wish it.

    Thanks for your response!

    I have a custom post type which only has title, and a featured image, which displays on the frontend as a slider (to the question why I didn’t use a proper slider plugin, is because this wasn’t the intended use, just the page owner always comes up “interesting” ideas, and now I can’t change the structure, because its already in use, and uploaded with data).

    Then I was asked to modify the “slider”; the owner wanted different slides in different languages. But I didn’t find a solution which makes the featured image change with the language switcher (as the rest of the input fields do), so I modified the register_post_type to add a post type for every active language. This works great, just the language switcher is a bit wierd on the top of the editors, so I thought, it would be cleaner to disable the plugin for these custom post types.
    I could write a javascript which gets rid of the language switcher in the admin, but I don’t really like the “hacky” solution.

    It’s kind of a messed up situation, but I think, the original question (disabling translate feature for a custom post type) is a useful feature (but I totally understand if there isn’t a solution for it yet).


    Plugin Author John Clause


    So, by “disable” you mean disabling on admin pages only, right? Nothing would change at front end? There are actually two requests here:

    1. ability to make featured image ‘translatable’, meaning to use different featured image for different languages. This may go by post type? This idea has already been floating around for a while.

    2. ability not to enable any translation for specific post types.

    Does this sound right?

    Thats right! It is indeed two different features, which both could be useful (and yes, I meant disabling the translate only in the admin, sry if it was confusing).

    Btw, I just run into the same problem/inconvenience with plugin as the above. This plugin uses the default custom post type feature on the admin side, and its definetly confusing, because the custom fields this plugin makes shouldn’t be translated (at least in my project it’s a bit wierd)…

    Anyway, if there is a feature (even a simple hook), with which we able to disable (on the admin side) the translate features for specific post types, it’d be great.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Seems like there is another vote for the custom type exclusions feature:

    Plugin Author John Clause


    CSiPet, @csipet: Could you please try the latest version from GitHub, which you can download with ‘Download ZIP’ button on GitHub page or get a specific pre-relese here for the sake of convenience? It has option “Post Types”.

    @john, it works like a charm. I did not test the entire build, but that part definetly works as intended.


    This is a great feature, exactly what I was looking for! Is it possible to also ‘disable’ qTranslate for taxonomies? I have a problem with translated terms nog showing up in ACF select fields.

    John Clause,
    I have the same issue as DustinSchaap wrote.

    I have checkboxes in front-end submission form in 2 languages (for ex. [:en]TV[:de]ТB[:]). If user on ‘en’ site version tick this checkbox, it will show only on ‘en’ version of published page. In code view of published page <input> “name=”, “value=”, “id=” and “<label for=” has the same parameter but different in it’s chosen language (for ex. on ‘en’ site the value of checkbox “TV” is “tv”, while on ‘de’ site the value for the same checkbox is “tb”).
    I found the similar problem with dependent dropdowns (city-area etc., that tries to find parentcity with value parameter).

    The plugin should translate visual elements, but do not translate its code parameters. It should use one name when retrieving checkbox slug name and use it for all site languages.

    Please, reply if I can fix it.
    Many Thanks!
    (sorry for my english)

    Maybe I can use something like this, so in all languages $post_var_name will get identical parameter?

    if (!function_exists(‘qtranxf_use_language’)){
    $post_var_name = qtranxf_use_language(‘uk’, $post_var_name);

    Is it possible?

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