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  • At my blog we work with scheduled post dates and only people with the role of editor are allowed to schedule the posts. It sometimes happens that people schedule a post to be published in the past, usually when they really want to move the post to a later time. For example, a post is scheduled for Oct 5th 20 pm. But something comes up and they want it to be published the next morning, to use the 20pm slot for something else that needs to be published before the original 20pm post.

    This is when they make a mistake, they reschedule the post for 9 am, but forget to change the date to October 6th.

    The result is that the post is published immedeatly (in the “past”). In this case on October 5th, 9 am. Which is nonsense, of course.

    On my site I have no valid reason for being able to publish “in the past”. Therefore I would like to disable this.

    I looked and looked and looked but no.

    Any ideas?

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