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  • I have been asked to take a look at an issue with quite a poorly made site and I cant see how to resolve.

    The site uses WooCommerce and Elementor with the ShopIsle theme.

    The issue is that when a user hovers over a woocommerce product image it changes to the gallery image (one of the additional pictures you can view on the items page). This obviously doesnt happen if only the Product Image is selected and no Gallery Images are present in the listing, when no gallery images are present for an item the usual opacity hover is used, which is fine. But when a gallery image is included on the product listing it causes the image to swap to that when you hover. The owner wants this feature removed.

    I can find no options within woocommerce to change this and I have checked and the creator didnt use any image flipping plugins etc. And I can’t find any custom js or css which may be causing it. I started a thread in woocommerce support and they said this is definitely caused by the theme. Any help would be much appreciated.

    The image swap effect is similar to the one shown here:
    (hover over an item)

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