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  • PierreFoucart


    I’m having problem with the WYSIWYG and HTML editors of WordPress for some times now… And I would like to completly disable these two.
    Is that possible ?

    // The WYSIWYG editor is considering tags as HTML instead of transcripting them into simple text, while the HTML editor is parsing HTML instead of putting it in the database directly.

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  • vkaryl


    Only option you really have is to disable the wysiwyg (lower left check box, your profile page in wp-admin/users) and use the normal wp edit setup.

    Or install something like editormonkey…. about as bad an idea as using the inbuilt wp wysiwyg.



    OK… So it’s impossible to solve this problem. I think that Matt should think about the WYSIWYG editor issues…
    Between the impossibility to post dailymotion embed & the impossibility to use pre tags… The WordPress editor is getting really anoying.



    But why can’t you simply disable the wysiwyg and use the normal long-time editor? It works fine with video, audio, embeds….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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