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    Hi everyone.... We are very new at this. We had someone set up our blog for us but have a question.

    At the bottome of the All in One SEO Pak there are two boxes

    1)Disable on this page/post
    2)Disable Google Analystics.

    I notice that if I click on the box for the 1st item (Disable on this page/post) that all of our key words are invisible on our page. Does this mean that the key words will not be searched by the Search Engines? If I do not check the box, all of our key words appear on our blog page and we do not want them to show. Do we see them because the system recognizes us as the administrators or does everyone see them?

    I want to make sure that all of our pages are picked up by the search engines so does checking this box prevent that?

    Thank you for your help


  2. Your keywords should appear in the meta tags and not on the pages, so only viewable in the HTML source code.

    When I look at your home page, what I see now is this:

    <meta name="description" content="Work from home.  How to start a home based business in York Region.  Free training, low investment, work part time or full time" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="work, from home, home based," />

    What I would recommend is that you work on your website in one browser and then open another browser where you are NOT logged in your WordPress and you will see the page how someone not logged in will see the site.

    You mentioned

    all of our key words appear on our blog page and we do not want them to show.

    i wasn't aware that All in one seo did this, and I'm not sure why it would, but perhaps it's only because you're logged in.

    It's a very good plugin, so for SEO purposes, you're in good hands.

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