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  • I´m using Gravityforms for creating new accounts and sites. It is working fine, but when new user is created, it also gives access to the main site dashboard -> it shows in mysites both, main site and new created site. I can, of course, modify wich role they get for the main site, but i want each user to have only access to their site.

    Is there any way to disable role from the main site? Just like normal registering through wp-signup.php works. It just gives admin rights to the new site.

    I found some old post ->

    It is working, but saving is not possible after this “plugin”.

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  • There is extensive documentation on the rocket genius site.

    I´m sure there is. I belong to the cooperative, and i only have access to gravityform (i don´t own the plugin, so i do not have access for the support), so i´m looking for some plugin or hacks to do what i want.

    Gravityforms is, from what I can tell, a premium plugin, and not one that is available in the WordPress repository. You’re using a commercial plugin which has pay-for
    support. As these guys need to make a living too, you really should
    contact them directly for support. If you didn’t pay for their plugin, you don’t get their support. No one is obligated to provide free support for their plugins here.

    As i said, i don´t own the plugin but i belong to the cooperative who had bought this. I don´t have access to their support, only my cooperative decision-makers can access their support.

    This is very old, ancient and conservative community, where every decision takes several weeks. I have made a request for them if they could find a solution for this, but as i said… it takes time.

    Maybe i just have to wait if there is no easier way.

    If you don’t have access to the official support forums for the plugins, it’s not fair of US to take money away from them. You can understand that, I’m sure. In this economy, people really need their jobs! Also, if it’s behind a paywall, like that plugin is, the number of people here who use it are smaller.

    Ask your co-op for access to the help forums, but yes, it sucks for you, and it sucks here too since we’re between a rock and a hard place. It’s strongly felt that you should contact the people who offer support in their official forums. And yes, that means either get the access from your co-op, or pay for it yourself.

    I do not wan´t support for Gravityforms from you.

    I just want to know, is it possible to disable the users access to the main site, some nice plugin for example. It does not have anything to do with Gravityforms. I need this option anyway, regardless of my login system.

    You brought up GravityForms.

    By default, when you create a new user on MultiSite, the user is ONLY added to the network users, NOT to any of the sites. If something’s adding it to the main site as well, then it’s a plugin. Which means it’s probably GravityForms and how you set it up.

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