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    I just installed the latest update, and now my dashboard has a large and obnoxious “Click here to regenerate thumbnails” banner with no way to dismiss it.

    Adding the regenerate feature is great! I applaud it! However, I removed and suppressed the creation of thumbnails on purpose, so I do not wish to regenerate them at this time, and I certainly don’t need a good chunk of my dashboard occupied with this banner to nag me about it.

    How can I dismiss the banner WITHOUT regenerating thumbnails? There’s no obvious way to hide the banner, and it appears everywhere on the dashboard.

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  • Plugin Author Nazmul Ahsan


    Hi @ate-up-with-motor,
    Just click on that button, it’ll redirect you to the settings page and the banner won’t show up again 🙂

    Sorry, if it disappoints you.


    I got it to go away, but I had to make sure all the thumbnails were disabled and click “save settings” again.

    I would suggest you add a close box for the banner, which would be more convenient.

    Again, I love the new feature, it’s just that the notification could use a little work. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Nazmul Ahsan


    Thanks for your suggestion. We’re on it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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