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  • Dear Sir,
    I am newbie in weaver theme. I have tried to disable “Leave a Reply” but I can not make it. Could you please advice? Thank you.

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  • weaver has its own support forum. This might be the best place to ask

    There is an entire article on the Weaver site that explains this. This unfortunately seems to be very difficult for many people to figure out.

    By the way, this is TOTALLY a WordPress issue, and has nothing to do with Weaver or any other theme. However, it is also very hard for folks to tell where the theme ends, and WordPress begins, especially with a full featured theme like Weaver.



    Fairly easy.

    1. Go to Admin Panel > Pages
    2. select all pages (remember, WordPress will only select the pages shown on the list…if you have many pages, you will need to go to each pagination of the list and repeat the process i.e. steps 2-5)
    3. Select “Edit” from Batch actions dropdown.
    4. Select “No Comments” from the Discussion/Interaction dropdown
    5. Update!

    This is a WP feature and works with *all* themes including Weaver.

    Thanks, OC2PS ! I was looking all over the page in “Editing the page”, but couldn’t find anything. Also looked in the Weaver administrative area. Thanks for the directions!

    thanks OC2PS, would never have found that, you have opened up a whole new world…

    They really hid that one! Thanks for making it simple OC2PS!

    Thanks, OC2PS, but why I don’t see step4 (Select “No Comments” from the Discussion/Interaction dropdown)? in my dashboard, there is
    Discussion under Settings in the left side bar, I can only see the possible option is “Allow people to post comments on new articles “, which I already uncheck but the “Leave a Reply” is still showing up.

    Did I miss anything?



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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