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  • Hi there,
    Aside from disabling it via code, is there any way to disable FTP or enable SFTP? When transferring to another host that only supports SFTP, the script to do the transfer hangs (I left it overnight).

    The only way to fully create the backup + sql files that I’ve found has been to do the backup as if I were to transfer the entire site via FTP. Awesome, except that the script hangs.

    Doing this multiple times to test a deployment process causes the script to hang multiple times and my host to, ultimately, suspend my account.

    This is ridiculous! There should either
    – Be a way to do a full transfer (create backup files) sans ftp
    – Shut off FTP
    – Support SFTP or
    – Kill the long running process..

    Frankly, I’m surprised that the developers didn’t have a better conditional in their loop to keep that process from terminating…

    Regardless, does anyone have a possible solution? I’ve resorted to commenting out code temporarily.

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