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  • I love this plugin, having used it since it was released. I still use it on many sites, for sites that I want to manage less, but keep them secure with updates, and I can easily fix any that break from an auto-update.

    The Disable Emails checkbox no longer works in WordPress 5.5, it’d be great if this plugin was updated to fix that.

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  • This is due to the fact that WordPress added its own notification when themes & plugins are updated (separate from the email coming from this plugin.)

    In lieu of this plugin receiving further updates to address that separate behavior (or just in general), consider using Disable Theme and Plugin Auto-Update Emails (, or similar, as that deactivates those WordPress 5.5+ email notifications upon theme and/or plugin updates when installed & enabled on a site (it simply implements what WordPress team recommended on as a ready-to-use plugin & nothing more.)

    At a certain point, why is this plugin needed given WordPress 5.5+ kinda implementing the functionality of this plugin natively? While, yes, you still need to disable the WordPress notifications if you don’t want those (again, that being separate from this particular plugin.)

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    Good points, I just have this plugin installed on a ton of sites, so hoping it would just be updated as well so it continues to work like it did before, for my ease of use.

    Sadly, it is obvious that the plugin has been abandoned by pento. Thankfully, the author is alive and well. He is simply choosing to walk away from it (clearly). It is too bad he couldn’t mention it in the description of the plugin so others would know the confirmed fate of it.

    It seems he has contributed to various things like Jetpack so he seems to still be actively involved. Hell, WP’s native updates might have been inspired by his work or maybe he even contributed to it somehow. Thankfully, WP’s own auto-updates should get better over time and this plugin should no longer be required. As long as everyone addresses these concerns with WP’s team of coders so they know the weighted interest is there for these features.

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