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    I’m running 3.7-beta2 on a few test sites and I’m receiving an email everytime there’s an update. I love the update feature, but is there a way to disable these email notifications?


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  • Or set them to only email if there is a problem?

    +1 vote for this.

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    The problem with only email when there’s a problem is when you have to troubleshoot a failed upgrade because a plugin or theme caused a problem.

    I suspect someone will write a plugin to filter them, but really don’t you want to know when your site gets updated?

    With all due respect, I manage over 40 installs. So, no.

    Ideally, on a production site I would never enable auto-updates. On a development site I would enable it and not want email notifications, perhaps just a message when I log in to the panel.

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    Option 1) Make a default WP admin email and just use it for admin alerts (i.e.

    Option 2) Email Filters.


    That makes me sad 🙁 The whole point of the auto-updates is to save you the pain of minor WP updates. Remember this is MINOR only.


    Do remember that in BETA yes you’re getting emails twice a day. When this is live, your real sites will only get ONE email, once, when an update happens. So yeah, Greg will get 40 emails one day when 3.7.1 comes out, but that’s it. And they’ll all be titled “[Sitename] Background updates have finished” so you can easily filter it.

    And before someone says “But what about my users who don’t know HOW to filter?” I say this: Those are the people who absolutely, 100%, are the reason we do want to have these emailed. Imagine how nice it’ll be when we see “I got an email that WP’s Background updates have finished, and now my theme is broken!” Aha! We know what happened!

    I’m OK with emails as long as it’s not 40, twice a day 🙂

    Thanks for the clarification!

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    Oh yeah, no, you’ll only get them when an upgrade runs. The catch is with BETA testing, it’s set to run twice a day cause… beta. So don’t put customers on Beta! Which … goes without saying, I hope.

    In the future even that will be improved to not upgrade unless there’s something to upgrade (right now it upgrades no matter what, even if you’re on THAT version).

    So I don’t have to do anything for WordPress to automatically update? But I still have to worry about the plugins? Is there a way to be notified of plugin updates?

    There should definitely be a toggle option for email notifications following automatic updates. For lots of reasons…



    no this upsets me too. I don’t see why there isn’t a setting to turn off the notifications / auto update feature.

    I manage nearly twice as many wps as greg and I also have tons more registered with clients. So you can imagine the amount of emails I’m receiving asking what they do as they’ve received notification of a required update.


    I’m in the same boat, Craig. I take care of all technical aspects for my clients, including all necessary upgrades.

    The minor automatic updates are a great new feature and will save me a lot of time and help to keep things more secure.

    However, I have needed to contact all my clients to explain the notification that they MAY have received and why.

    So it would certainly be useful if there was more control over this. But the feature is nonetheless very appreciated. Hopefully more settings to control this will appear in future updates.

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