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  • Hi,

    I was wondering if there was a way to disable commenting on posts (those “Leave a Comment” messages) except for in the case of specific users.

    I realize that you can deny posts to those unauthorized, but I don’t even want to offer it to the viewer (no “Leave a Comment” link or corresponding text box). Right now I’ve whittled down my theme files so nothing shows, but I found using post by email (Postie plugin), that replies to a post (even those sent by myself) are posted as comments. Since comments are disabled, they don’t display (they exist in the database, but just don’t post publicly). I’m realize that I’m trying to thread a needle here.

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  • did you find any solution. I have this problem too!
    thank you!

    Hi egreibl, unfortuntaley I haven’t found a way to disable comments with the excepting for specific users. I have them totally disabled. In fact I went into the Theme’s php and removed all the commenting referenes there. The only problem with that has been that I can’t update the theme because I’ll have to re-edit the php! That was poor think-ahead planning on my part. There are plugins that disable comments globally, but they often still display some message about the comments and I think that’s messy.

    Anyway, currently, in the case where my posts-by-email use the same subject line and are captured as comments in WordPress, I’ve been manually cutting and pasting them into a new post. It hadn’t happened as much as I feared it would when I posted this. However, I’m still adding listservs and it probably is only a matter of time before this is a problem for me again. If I think of a solution, I will post it here.

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