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    Is it there a way to disable the chat for certain pages? For example, have pages that open in an iframe, and it’s confusing getting the chat widget displayed twice.

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    Thank you for writing in.
    The chat can be hidden on specific pages.
    You can do that by following this guide:

    I’ll be here in case of any further questions!



    Please, where can I find instructions about where to find the JS Code and how to install it in just some specific posts of my WordPress? 🙂

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    Hello @torgut thank you for writing in 🙂

    The JS code can be found in the location marked in this screenshot×275.png

    Regarding installing it on some specific posts on your WordPress – I may suggest looking at this article

    Method 2. Adding JavaScript Code Manually Using Code would be the one you’d like to check 🙂

    Stay safe!

    Hum. Not so smooth. Method 2 seems to imply that I specify a post ID. Won’t work for me. I need to decide to enable the chat for each post and there will be plenty of posts.

    Method 3 didn’t work at all.

    I am assuming I should keep the option to hide widget in Chat Visibility

    By the way, I found the JS call for an external site. Is that it?

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    Hey @torgut, I’m really sorry but in that case we don’t have an easy solution for you.
    The only way we can hide/show the chat widget on a specific website is either disabling it on all the other pages (which is built in the UI in the Chat Visibility), or install it only on a specific pages.

    Installing it manually on a specific pages requires some coding knowledge and as we are not wordpress developers – we can’t provide a solution as our knowledge in this area is not good enough.

    I can only suggest using the built in hide option from the Chat Visibility.

    Could you please explain a little more what do you have in mind by JS call for an external site?

    I’ll be here in case of any further questions!

    Puzzling. You pointed me to an article on how to call your JS code from a specific page, so I assumed you are familiar with the process. After all, this is your world, your natural habitat.

    Myself, I don’t think the method 2 is suitable, so I used the method 3, but the widget didn’t show. Perhaps it doesn’t show because your plugin overrules the code? I mean, after all I have to chose the option to hide in all pages/posts.

    JS call for an external site: means I don’t have the actual code but a link to the address where the code is.

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