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    That new feature is rather annoying I must say. I’ve been kicked out several times during development. How can I disable it? Thanks.

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  • I’m logged in as Admin 1 but getting logged out before I can finish editing a page. Is there a way to specify which users get logged out?

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    I’ve got another plugin update coming soon that will allow you to switch that feature on and off from a dashboard options page. In the meantime I can help you shut that off manually.

    Please start by finding the file located at: yourwebsitesfolder/wp-content/plugins/whos-logged-in/js/wli-script.js and make a duplicate of the file as a backup before starting.

    Then open the original wli-script.js file with a plain text or code editing app, and find lines 39 + 40 near the very bottom that look like this currently:

    window.addEventListener( 'blur', wliStartLogoutTimer );
     window.addEventListener( 'focus', wliClearLogoutTimer ); 

    Simply add 2 forward slashes at the very beginning of both of those lines of code, and after you save the file, the plugin will stop kicking inactive users off the site that you’re editing. For reference the two lines of code should look like this after you’re done:

    //window.addEventListener( 'blur', wliStartLogoutTimer );
     //window.addEventListener( 'focus', wliClearLogoutTimer );

    Please let me know if you need anymore help with this, and I appreciate your patience while waiting for an update.

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    Plugin Author bhartlenn


    Hello all, here’s an update for you guys on this topic.

    You can now download version 1.2 of the Who’s Logged In plugin, and that comes with a settings page that, for now, has a single option for turning the automatic logging out of inactive users on and off.

    @mwcs I’ve noted your idea about specifying which users get logged out, and I’ve delved into the concept a bit personally, but I think it warrants some further discussion about how to implement(e.g. would you like to specify every single user that should get auto logged off vs specifying users or roles that are exempt from being automatically logged off) . I’ve made a note to explore this idea more, but please post your thoughts about that to the new feature request thread mentioned below.

    I certainly welcome any and all suggestions for that, and any other features you guys would like to see the plugin have. Please just let me know by leaving a reply on the new feature requests thread located at:

    I’m going to mark this thread as resolved, if I don’t hear back from you after a week or two, because the version 1.2 update was specifically implemented to address the main concern brought up here.

    Thanks again for your helpful feedback, patience, and understanding!

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    Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

    In answer to your question, this would be my wishlist: 3 main features, in priority order:

    1. ________________

    [ ] Automatically logout inactive users after 30 mins of continuous inactivity

    (Default: off)

    [ ] Do not include users who have selected “Remember Me”

    (Default: off)

    [ ] Do not include Admin users

    (Default: off)

    2. ________________
    Who can see who’s logged in:
    [ x ] Administrator role (Default: on)
    [ ] Editor role
    [ ] Shop Manager role
    [ ] all logged in users

    3. ________________
    Provide shortcode to allow the info to be displayed in other areas, i.e. blocks and widgets.

    Unfortunately I’m not a developer, so I can’t help to code this. Perhaps these features could be in a PRO version?

    I can post these as separate features, as you requested, I also wanted to reply here with everything in context.

    I have activated this plug in and I still get auto-logged out. Very frustrating. Is there something else I am meant to do?

    I am a member of another forum where, if I log out, close the site, and then come back it auto logs me in. Can we do something like that?


    Plugin Author bhartlenn


    @katepirie Hello! I’m sorry about the issue you’re experiencing.

    In testing it stops logging users out automatically when the latest version 1.2 of the Who’s Logged In plugin is installed and activated, so you may have found a bug unique to your environment, web browser, or device possibly.

    Have you tried removing the plugin and reinstalling and activating it to make sure you have a fresh copy of the latest plugin version, just in case?

    Also, please check that the one option on the Settings >> Whos Logged In page is unchecked and saved that way, just in case.

    If that, or a reinstall of the plugin doesn’t fix the bug, would you mind adding a user account to your website with my email “bhartlenn at gmail dot com”, and I’d be happy to see if I can track down the bug and provide a hot fix for you if possible.

    If not that, then could I please ask you to email me with more needed information so I can try to replicate the bug you’re experiencing, such as:
    – What web browser you’re using
    – What kind of device you are using
    – A list of plugins activated on your site
    – The active theme on your site
    – The WordPress installation version
    – Anything else that might be unique to your websites environment

    Then I’ll see what I can find out with that, and get back to you as soon as I can.

    I am a member of another forum where, if I log out, close the site, and then come back it auto logs me in. Can we do something like that?

    That sounds like a neat feature request! Would you please post that in the New features request thread for consideration, and please try to add as much expanded detail about your idea as you can.

    Thanks for your patience, and I appreciate your understanding!

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