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  • Hey. What i’m trying to do is disable the “auto-linebreak” feature that wordpress has. My reason for this is that I am using PHP with Flash to display various pages in the flash document. If I put the ‘br /’ tags in manually, I have to keep all my content on one line to stop WordPress from automatically putting things on a new line.

    WordPress has some weird way of processing the breaks, too, as when I check my database the content that it has put in there has no linebreaks, for example:

    Some sample text with a few
    line breaks

    Note that there are no ‘br /’ tags in there.

    A more ideal solution would be if I could change the way it parses the breaks so that it actually puts them in the database for me, so instead of it spitting out the above code, it’d output something like this:

    Some sample text with a few'br /'
    line breaks'br /'
    'br /'
    <strong>ahah</strong>'br /'
    'br /'

    Note that the ‘ symbols in ‘br /’ are in place of < and >

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