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    I cloned the Twenty Ten Theme.

    Modified it, to use my template.

    Problems though…

    It seems like none of my body { } effects in my style sheet are taking effect.

    Can I somehow prevent the 2010 settings from altering the body?

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  • not 100% sure I understand….but you want to get rid of the background option menu?

    if(function_exists('add_custom_background')) add_custom_background();

    could be deleted from functions.php to do that

    it might just be

    // This theme allows users to set a custom background

    in twentyten

    What i’m saying is,

    in style.css i have body { //effects here }

    for example, margin and font size maybe background color as well.

    this theme base is not allowing any of the CSS in the body { } to apply to the site. something is overriding my stylesheet for body { }.

    i figured it had something to do with the appearance options and settings for the 2010 theme.

    well, the code I showed above allows the background setter in wordpress

    which applies css elements to body{ in the header, so it overwrites your style.css stuff

    you can view your source code from within browser and see if anything is being applied in the head section

    there is nothing extra being applied in the header from the source code. i honestly don’t know why it’s doing this. i had the layout working perfectly on a single html file locally on my computer. i sliced into sections for wordpress. nothing changed, but the body { } effects just dont seem to be applying like they should from my style.css

    You have to read the Twenty Ten CSS page very carefully as the CSS stylings for the body are split up and come body settings are lumped in with dozens of other settings that the author wanted to be exactly the same as the body setting.

    You may ultimately need to edit a theme that has no such options for customizing from the Admin panel. Try the Live Music theme, unless you need to use the Custom Menu function.

    I ended up just taking the default_theme from wordpress prior to 3.0 by kubrick. This worked fine for me. I guess I will just do this from here on out. Thanks for your input guys.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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