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  • scontomio


    Hi, thank you so much for your plugin it’s really great and I made you a small donation that you really deserve!

    At this moment I have enabled woocommerce only because my theme (MyListing) requires it, and uses its hooks for user registration.

    I do NOT use anything from woocommerce other than this.

    I wanted to ask you for information given your experience with woocommerce. I have enabled all the options of your plugin, and also deleted the tables from the database. Do you think I can somehow disable other woocommerce features? Like the shopping cart, the products or the like? I don’t use any of this, just registration and login.`

    Manuel F.

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  • Simon Kane



    If you don’t use something, it doesn’t need to be disabled.
    Yes, that’s an oversimplification, but if you don’t have any products, they won’t appear. There is only disk-space-used (which is minimal) overhead for keeping the various pages around. Trying to delete actual code files will undoubtedly break the system unless you are an absolute god-level expert in how the woo code is organized.

    If there’s a cart link showing on your site, that’s a function of your theme using Woo, not of Woo ushing it on there. Yes, semantic arguments can be made, but if the theme is not calling for a “view cart” link to show, it will not show, and therefore no overhead.

    There are various other things, such as links and redirects, but they can all be controlled using Woo and WP settings — but again, they are no overhead unless they actually get triggered.

    Hope this helps.

    Thread Starter scontomio


    hi @simonkane, thank you so much for your answer!

    Actually in the test environment I tried to delete woocommerce and the performances do not seem to change particularly, the only thing that changes is the use of ram for each page, with woocommerce active we are on 36 MB without we are at 27/28 MB .. I had tried to manually remove some code from woocommerce, but as you say not knowing it perfectly is really difficult….
    It’s probably better to leave everything like this, it’s that on wordpress I always prefer to have as few plugins as possible 🙂

    Simon Kane


    Ah. I was talking about server-side bloat. Ya — I can see 8MB of scripts you likely don’t need, but figuring out which is which can be difficult.

    There are plugins out there for optimization, but I’m not familiar with them really.

    Plugin Support ospiotr


    Hello @scontomio

    The Disable WooCommerce Bloat plugin was not created to make the shop features unusable. During the development process, I always focused on removing unnecessary features, not the core features.

    If you want to turn off the crucial functions to disable shopping process, I won’t be able to help you.

    I can suggest checking how your theme actually uses WooCommerce. Maybe it only checks if the plugin is active, but not using any of its functions? Therefore, you could delete whole Woo plugin code and just leave the main file and the plugin header.

    Thread Starter scontomio


    Hi ospiotr, unfortunately the theme extends the registration part of woocommerce using various hooks like woocommerce_register_form.
    Disabling woocommerce unfortunately the theme breaks because it actually uses registration components that are in the woocommerce classes. I was hoping there was an easy way to disable all woocommerce except the registration part, but that’s probably not the case …

    Thanks so much for your support!

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