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  • I wish to stop all HTML in posts.

    Can anyone tell me how exactly to do it? Using strip_tags or any other way.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Just out of curiosity, why do you want to disable HTML tags?

    And which tags do you want to disable?

    I wish to stop all HTML in posts.

    ‘prolly haven’t gotten a response ‘cuz you virtually answered your own question…

    <?php echo strip_tags(get_the_content()); ?>

    I really appreciate you replying with code as I am a PHP dummy ;-).

    Ho do I edit this index.php code from my template or do I put your code somewhere else?

    <?php $custom_fields = get_post_custom(); //custom fields ?>

    <?php if (isset($custom_fields[“BX_post_type”]) && $custom_fields[“BX_post_type”][0] == “mini”) { ?>

    <hr class=”low” />

    <div class=”minientry”>

    <?php echo BX_remove_p($post->post_content); ?>
    <?php comments_popup_link(‘(0)’, ‘(1)’, ‘(%)’, ‘commentlink’, ”); ?>
    ” class=”permalink” title=”Permalink”><?php the_time(‘M j, \’y’) ?><!–, <?php the_time(‘h:ia’) ?>–>
    <!–<em class=”author”><?php the_author() ?>–>
    <?php edit_post_link(‘Edit’,'<span class=”editlink”>’,'</span>’); ?>


    Thanks again.

    Looks like you are already using a function to remove p tags. Replace that line. Be forewarned, if it works, the output will be completely unformatted and will probably look like one long run-on paragraph.

    Thanks Beel. Sorted it.

    Thanks Beel. Sorted it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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