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    Hi there I have a WP site where I created 7 custom post types(cpts).
    Each of the cpt is saving meta information.
    When testing that all my meta was saving ok for each cpt, I realize I have aFhfc_head_code and aFhfc_footer_code all over the place in my postmeta table.

    I see that you are using save_post to save these two meta info, but is there a way to disable aFhfc_head_code and aFhfc_footer_code for custom post type where you never need your plugin feature, maybe with a hook that check what post_type are you saving and then return if is not a page or a regular post.

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  • Another easy solution to avoid having these meta info, is just to check is there is actually any code on the AddFunc Head & Footer Code metabox, before saving.

    So instead of using

    if( isset( $_POST[‘aFhfc_head_code’] ) )
    update_post_meta( $post_id, ‘aFhfc_head_code’, $_POST[‘aFhfc_head_code’] );
    if( isset( $_POST[‘aFhfc_footer_code’] ) )
    update_post_meta( $post_id, ‘aFhfc_footer_code’, $_POST[‘aFhfc_footer_code’] );

    use this instead
    if( !empty( $_POST[‘aFhfc_head_code’] ) )
    update_post_meta( $post_id, ‘aFhfc_head_code’, $_POST[‘aFhfc_head_code’] );
    if( !empty( $_POST[‘aFhfc_footer_code’] ) )
    update_post_meta( $post_id, ‘aFhfc_footer_code’, $_POST[‘aFhfc_footer_code’] );

    So if the User never user AddFunc Head & Footer Code for a page or a post, you won’t save this meta info for that post, avoiding in this way creating garbage data in the postmeta table that it won’t ever be used.

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    I agree, it would be nice to choose which post types displayed your metabox, it seems to show up in odd places sometimes!

    And though it’s a separate issue, if @xlan is right about the plugin saving postmeta for every post/page/etc I would certainly appreciate using his suggestion there also.

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author joerhoney


    Thank you for this suggestion and tip! I had to do a little more than that, as leaving the custom field filled in would then cause the Head & Footer Code meta box to repopulate, so you’d have to delete if from the custom field as well, which would be a nuisance and would confuse most people. So I had to make it so AddFunc Head & Footer Code not only doesn’t save but DELETES its fields when empty. Fortunately, that means if you re-save/update any of your posts (pages, cpts, etc.) you won’t see them anymore unless you need them!

    So update to version 1.4 and you’re good to go!

    Just updated and can confirm that updating a post with blank aFhfc_head_code or aFhfc_footer_code fields removes them from the postmeta table, thank you so much! Your plugin has been very helpful for adding to sites that needs a lot of per-page overriding.

    Any update on the original topic of this thread? Choosing which post types to allow the plugin to appear on? I realize it’s not a simple request but we’d just like to know if it’s on the roadmap. I currently use CSS in the admin to hide the metabox and reshow on only the post types I want (post and page in this case), though it would be nice to choose it in a settings page:

    #aFhfcMetaBox { display: none; } #aFhfcMetaBox, #aFhfcMetaBox { display: block; }
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