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  • Several of my sites running iThemes Security 5.6.3 have begun sending me “Daily Security Digest” emails, where previously they never did. This email consists of only one piece of potentially useful information: “No lockouts since the last email check.”

    I’d rather not receive such non-news. The email suggests, “To unsubscribe from these updates, visit the Settings page in the iThemes Security plugin menu.” But it doesn’t say where specifically, and the only places I can see where my email address is provided is when I’m to be notified in case of an actual security issue, which I *do* want.

    So how do I disable these “All’s well” emails?

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  • And I am still getting even more mails now while running 5.9.0.
    For one site lockout I receive 10 emails at exactly the same time.
    And I receive a Daily Security Digest in ten fold.
    Can you tell me if this issue is going to be resolved soon?

    I mean, how will I know whether there is really an issue that needs my attention or not?

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    Liked this plugins but it’s getting annoying with the tons of worthless e-mails and the ‘evil’ note to just visit the settings page where no clear option is found to adjust this.

    It has been an issue now for months.

    I like this plugin, too.

    Deleting all these E-Mails spents more time, than updating the plugin 😀

    Could you pls fix this issue, as soon as possible?

    That’s weird v5.9.0 fixed the problem for me…

    Here are my settings:

    Global Settings > check Send Digest Email

    Database Backups > Backup Method > Save Locally and Email

    Database Backups > Backups to Retain > 1


    Oops sorry, what I mean was, the last time I changed the settings was those 3 steps and I don’t have the problem since then.

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    Several updates later and STILL getting these emails with no way to turn them off in settings. Lockout notifications are turned off. Database emails are turned off. What are we all missing here?

    Hello? I am having the same issue. Each day a “Daily Security Digest” email for over fifty websites. Please STOP or provide a simple way to turn them off.

    I’m in the same boat. I get them all turned off, and then the next update they pop back up again.

    @gerroald can you please update us on this or I’ll have to change the security plugin I use!

    Like everyone, started get emails per day only recently. Sometimes I get 5 per day!
    I now re-route all the emails to a bogus address so my boss doesn’t get annoyed.
    I will seriously start looking for another plugin.

    On one site, out of the blue, I start receiving exact the same 10 notification mails. On other sites, on the same server and same configuration, I receive 1 or sometimes 2 mails.

    Digest email? It’s too much inedible ‘spam’ to digest that email and I was never hungry in the first place! 🙂

    Seriously though, report something if theres something to report to the SECURITY of the site… stop the “No lockouts” and advertising nonsense…

Viewing 11 replies - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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