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  • Several of my sites running iThemes Security 5.6.3 have begun sending me “Daily Security Digest” emails, where previously they never did. This email consists of only one piece of potentially useful information: “No lockouts since the last email check.”

    I’d rather not receive such non-news. The email suggests, “To unsubscribe from these updates, visit the Settings page in the iThemes Security plugin menu.” But it doesn’t say where specifically, and the only places I can see where my email address is provided is when I’m to be notified in case of an actual security issue, which I *do* want.

    So how do I disable these “All’s well” emails?

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  • Yeah me too. It’s so annoying. Its like sending spam to me.


    Add me to the list of annoyed too


    You can disable the Email Digest in your Global Settings. Can you give that a try and let me know if it helps?



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    I took that setting to mean I’d get one daily email instead of tons of real-time emails, and that unchecking it would result in MORE emails. Is that not the case? If so, I’ll go through all my sites and make this change.

    Still, it’s odd that these emails suddenly began when I wasn’t receiving them before and have made no previous changes to my settings.


    The “Send digest email” option handles lockouts, file changes and other messages. My blog gets almost no traffic, so I will disable the digest email option for now, but I feel that at some point I am going to get 1000 emails about lockouts.

    Edit: send_daily_digest in ITSEC_Notify seems to look only at the current lockouts. If the lockouts expire in 15 minutes and there are no active lockouts 15 minutes before the digest email is sent, than the email will just say “No lockouts since the last email check.”

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    @mitakas You’re correct. This afternoon we’re making a release to revert the logic to only email when there’s something to report.

    It’s worth mention this is just a beginning step to a more robust and manageable reporting system.



    This could have been avoided. Now I have to go to every WP installation and disable getting such emails.

    And another +1. Please make this a setting: “If there is nothing to report… don’t report?”

    Further more: the email is to big. It contains A LOT of html with ‘useless’ info. A security email should provide to the point accurate messages in one overview without all the advertising. Now it’s just a daily spam tool.

    Please revert back to lean-and-mean e-mail messages

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    And it’s highly annoying to developers with multiple sites to have to “fix” every single site. I have had to delete my email from the plugin to stop it. I’d prefer to have a notification if something is seriously wrong, but I can’t stop this database notification, this daily digest, etc. unless I remove my email so I don’t get any at all.

    Updating to the 5.6.4 release should resolve the issue as initially reported in this topic (as well as some other related issues).

    According to the 5.6.4 Changelog:

    Bug Fix: Fixed issue that caused the daily digest email to be sent every day, even if no lockouts occurred and no file changes were found.

    I am running Ithemes Security 5.7.1 and I am still having this issue. I can’t find where to disable it! As others have posted, I’d rather not unsubscribe to the digest. I do have modules updating themselves such as ithemes, so there are frequent file changes, but the message does not seem to report this anyway. I just get ‘0 lockouts, 1 site’.

    I’m running 5.7.1 and have no way to distinguish between a digest email when something is wrong and a daily digest email that amounts to spam. A simple toggle for daily report would solve this.

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