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  • clavicle


    hi, I’m new to this whole wordpress thing, but I thought I should mention to anyone who wants hosting w/o any money, I discovered and they have plans as cheap as five dollars a year (w/o a domain). I signed up thinking it was a gimmick, and guess what? I’ve had NO problems thusfar. They have cpanel too which really helped me out b/c I don’t know anything about php. Anyways, it’s practically free. See how long it lasts, meanwhile I’ll just keep backups of everything 🙂

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  • coolger


    sounds nice. $5/y?!



    their small plans look but the big ones are not really that cheap. i’m getting 800mb space 30gb/bandwidth for $9/month at
    and i’ve been using it for years (before it was hostradius)



    lol, yeah i didn’t look at their larger plans.. i suppose they’re just hoping with smaller plans upgrade enough.
    but yeah, five dollars a year! That’s the plan I’m on, isn’t that insane? of course if you want a domain you have to pay extra (can’t remember how much that costs). but i kept on waiting for some kind of “catch” and there was none..all they asked for was five bucks and my site’s up and running.. i didn’t pay for the domain though, tha’ts how cheap i am..hehe.



    and I thought my $9/year deal was good!



    Please do not post host recommendations anonymously 🙂



    but i’m a member..what do you mean?

    It means you haven’t fully registered and given a web address where we can see your blog 🙂



    oops..well, it’s fugly right now b/c i’m learning php, but i’ll definitely fully register in a few days once it’s presentable.

    I cant find that offer there! The cheapest i can find is @ 1$ per month 🙂

    Perhaps the fact that the thread is almost 2 years old has something to do with that.

    And I’d venture to say that “hostingadvices” posting about siteflip is advertising of sorts, considering it’s not a WP site and all…

    Oops!.. no, I am not related to siteflip anyways. I used that, and it happende to be a topic of my interest. My blog is totally differnt!

    All I know is that I get a lot of customers with my hosting company coming from those buck or two a month hosts when they go down and disappear. 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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