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  • skrp


    Ok about 2 hours into this fiasco and I still can’t get this thing up and running. However, I think I may have a reason why. But I still need help

    I would like my blog to be located at:


    From the Installation Manual:

    In a Subdirectory
    If you need to upload your files to your web server, rename the wordpress directory to your desired name, then use your favorite FTP client to upload the directory to your desired location within the root directory of your web site.

    Now when I download and unzip the WordPress files they go to

    Then the 4 subdirectories

    So what is the proper directory setup for uploading to get by blog located at http://www.mydomain/crudeoil?

    Crude Oil
    Crude Oil
    Then the 4 subdirectories

    Etc. Etc.

    Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

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  • idowens



    if the files are on your HDD, just create a folder in your root directory (often times, public_html) called “crudeoil” and upload everything inside the wordpress folder into this new directory (DON’T tell it to upload the “wordpress” folder into it, only the contents…otherwise the address will be and I don’t think you want that.) Once uploaded, you should be able to continue following the instructions and run the install. By default, the address you want should work fine.

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