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  • Hello, I’m trying to install WP and get it running as a test. This install is on Tru64 Unix box, and I’m using 1.0.2.
    To get the install to run, I had to follow the suggestion of an earlier poster and comment out the error checking in wp-settings.php. The install then completed successfully (I think) and generated an admin login/password. When I use that login/password to log in, all I get displayed in the browser is the directory list of the WP install directory. I clicked on profile.php, and it generated that page correctly for me to update the password for the admin accoount, but when I try to submit the form on that page, it generates a “file not found” error.
    Obviously, something is screwed up in how I have this set up, but I don’t know where else to look at this point. I’ve searched through a bunch of the postings in this support forum, but haven’t found anyone reporting anything remotely similar.
    Any ideas? What other information might you need to help?
    Many thanks,

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  • (Same poster as above, but now registered.) I’ve gotten past that first issue by doing a complete re-install of WP, and then reconfig’ing the webserver to accept index.php as a default doc. This time it worked, for some reason — possibly because I knew to do the commenting out before trying the install? HOWEVER, there is one critical piece still not working.
    When I log in as admin, I see the “main” screen (has My Weblog across the top in a gray bar). I see the first placeholder post and comment added as part of the install process. But …
    1. Any adminstrative options (such as “My Profile” — where you can change passwords) don’t appear on this screen. All that’s on the sidebar are “links, calendar, search, archives, other and meta” — so this doesn’t sound like the correct page to be displayed on first login as admin. Is it? If so, how do I get to those other admin options?
    2. The links on the main page to “Edit This” and the Login link (under Other in the sidebar) don’t work. They return a “Cannot find server or DNS error” page. They are both pointing to pages in the wp-admin subdir. I’ve tried changing the permissions on that directory and on the files in it, thinking that might be the problem. I’ve also tried typing the direct URL to the files in that directory, and the webserver simply will NOT serve them.
    Currently this is a Netscape server on Tru64 Unix (we’ll be migrating to a new platform shortly and it can’t be soon enough for me!). WP version 1.0.2.
    Thanks for any pointers that can help me figure this out!

    okay for part 1) when you go to login in that’s where you get the my profile, write new post and other administratitve details
    but about part 2) since you can’t login, you can’t get to (1) …
    so i don’t know about (2)

    kgoeller, when you login you should be taken to
    Since it looks like you have problems with an index.php file being the default instead of index.html in your blog-url, the same problem will be there with the wp-admin directory too. Do what you did to get the blog’s index.php working to the wp-admin/index.php and you will be all set.

    Unfortunately, I’ve already tried that and it didn’t work. The problem I’m seeing with the files in the wp-admin directory is NOT the same problem as I had in the main blog directory.
    When I try to access wp-admin/index.php or wp-admin/post.php, I’m getting “cannot find server or DNS error”s.
    So…. any other ideas?

    Are you using IE? I’ve had some issues with IE not reloading dynamically generated pages when told to, even when you hit the refresh button multiple times. It’s possible that the problem is fixed, but IE is not recognizing it yet. Try clearing your temporary internet files. Works for me sometimes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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