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    hello.. this is my case…just now ive accdentally deletd my blog inclusing all the database…so after in install back the wordpress …its like a new wordpress… how do i restore my previous post and comment …could someone help me..

    fyi..i never done any backup using plugin… but the all folder in the directory of the blog i have copied last week…

    so by using that folder..can i restore back the post n comment… i do really want my post coz the post since me…

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  • When you re-installed your blog did you use the same database configuration in your wp-config??

    If you really deleted the database, too, then you may want to ask your host if they have a backup copy of the database. Otherwise – it is lost.

    Now, note that using your FTP program and deleting the WP files you, possibly, could NOT delete the database via http://FTP... it is just not there.

    If this about the blog in your profile: the DB is there, you are just using plugin(s) or a theme that is NOT compatible with your WP 2.3.x version!

    you can’t delete (it least I cant) the database, usually they are not in ur webfolder. So when u use the same database, it is possible to restore it.

    And if that doesnt work – ask ur webamster. Maybe he has backups. Normally, he should have…

    because of im so dumb..i deleted the subdomain first and delete the mysql database.. in order to install blog back..

    i think i should contact the hosting company ..or if else…is there any solve that can be workout?? ..

    previous blog is in subdomain “’
    but after deletd it… i create it back..i cant install at the same subdomain using fantastico cpanel…it show error that one root can only install 1 script..

    so i install the blog in directory…

    then after i overwrite the folder that ive copied yerterday.. it shown as

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘aviro25_wrdp1.wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT post_id, category_id FROM wp_post2cat WHERE post_id IN (1)

    you can see the msg at

    any words?

    If you deleted your MySQL databases and if you did not back up the data in them beforehand, the only recourse you have (that I know of) is, like has been posted earlier in this thread, to email or telephone your host and explain your problem. Maybe they have a backup that will help you and maybe they don’t.

    but i do have the folder of my blog root…i tried to manage to overwrite again..see how thing gonna be,..then if cant…i call the hosting…any update bout my problem i will informed…if u have any comment …be welcome

    ok now i have succesfully install the new blog…what folder or files should i overwrite??

    Your question is confusing as you say, “i have successfully install” but then ask “what folder or files should i overwrite??”.

    If you successfully installed, then what more is there to do? If you uploaded extra copies of the WordPress distribution you could delete those, but for now I wouldn’t delete anything until you do a complete backup of both your files and your database. See WordPress Backups.

    dear michaelH

    my point is successfully install ‘fresh copy’…… but my blog that lost is more than a year of content…

    so my question…how to restore back the old post because my blog now is like a new blog… why i make a fresh installation ? because there is a problem that i stated in first post…thats it..

    thanks ofr the reply guys..the hosting company had made all the restoration til 21 november database..its all solve..thanks too all for the sake of tryin to help me…its help a lot bcause i didnt know that the hosting have backup..

    thanks again..
    case closed.. 🙂

    Lucky you! When I accidentally overwrote my SQL database with no backup of my own, my hosting company “lost” their backup, too. Fortunately, I was able to grab the content out of Google’s cache and paste it into a new database.

    how did u do that kgagne…google cache?

    I went to and typed in the URL for each individual page I was missing. For example:

    Google should give you back that URL as a hit, with the last line having two links: “Cached” and “Similar pages”. Click on “Cached”. If it was recently that you deleted your page, Google may have the old version you’re trying to restore. If it’s been too long, though, you may be outta luck.

    Of course, it’s best to rely on your own backups, not Google’s or even (as I learned) your hosting company’s. Consider one (or both!) of these:

    thanks kagne

    Thanks,very useful for me.

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