• I enabled my wordpress 3.0 for multisite. It’s all working great. I can create user blogs and it all works fine. What I want to do is a directory just like this site: http://www.stylemepretty.com/little-black-book/alabama

    How are they doing this? I know if you “view portfolio” for a member listing it goes to a subdomain so they are using multisite. I think they are somehow filtering the members, but how? I need to show all the states and regions, then a pae with categories like the link example and the members. I need to be able to pull a list that is all the photographers from all the states, and then more specific like just photographers from alabama. I thought I could do this filtering blog users/authors? Any ideas? I’m not familiar with the searching through tags, but could it be an option to have each vendor tag their main post/page with something specific and sort and filter that way?

    I just need ideas on how to work this solution please!! This is the first time I have worked with mu, it is really powerful!!

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  • Yeah, it looks like they’ve maybe got each author to tag judiciously, and then fed everything to the main using something like sitewide tags.

    Just guessing tho.

    Would that work, OR should I do it all by groups through buddypress? So I would have a photographer who was a member of the group “Photographers” and a member of the “Michigan Photographers” and a member of “City Photographers”? The groups would then have to be by invite only and I would have a TON of them. It seems like it would be an easy way to filter though. I could just link to all the groups I create? What do you think is the best way to set it up??? It’s really only going to be for vendors right now, but if it expands in the future I’m not sure if all these private groups are going to cause an issue..? Suggestions?

    Yes, you could go that route too. Might be easier & have more flexibility, especially if you;ve worked with buddypress before.

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