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    Thank you for this plugin. It is very nicely done and appreciated.

    I am interested in making the plugin a little more dynamic, however i need a little direction. ( I guess these might be modifications)

    How to we make the costume field mandatory?

    Is it possible to link an email submit to automatic send results to the submitted email address when there are new results in the voting?

    I would also like to make the pool a little more dynamic.
    EX: my site has 500 pages on it, and to list all 500 votes on the plugin wont work.

    So is it possible to hook the page ID of the page that the visitor lands on, then display that pages title at the top “voting box”

    EX: Who is the best race car driver,,, well there is thousand of race car drivers. So i make a page for every race car driver, then when the visitor clicks on the page of “Ricky Bobby” the plugin displays “Vote Rickey Bobby” at the top of the list. Then lists the top nine other voted pages below that….?

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    When adding a custom field, there is a checkbox to make the field required.

    Can you give us more details on the email submission?

    For the last feature you mentioned, right now it is not possible.
    We will add it to the list for future releases of the plugin.

    Best Regards,
    YOP Team

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