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  • Any heads up?


    Please dont bump threads after an hour, it pushes everything else down and yours was still on the front page.

    Have you read the codex on moving wordpress? Do you wish to move everything to a different server or do you just want to point the domain to the school url

    Ok, I just did it because I thought it may had been missed. .

    Thanks for the reply 🙂

    That’s right; I just want to point the domain to the school url. Would that mean that when you’re at the site, it would have the ‘pointed from’ domain in the address bar?

    Depends on if you mirror is, I do not know nothing about google apps, can I ask who your host is, Usually there are a few different methods to forward domains.

    And, not so much missed. Everyone here are volunteers just helping people out, so people might not have the answer you are looking for, eventually someone will come along 🙂

    ‘if my mirror is’ I’m not sure what you mean . .

    It’s hosted on my university webspace. This was their reply to my issue: –

    Hi Andrew,

    It’s not possible to point a DNS domain to a webpage. However, assuming your ISP has given you a minimal amount of web space, you can create an index.html containing a redirect as described in:

    It’s possible that the ISP may have a web redirection facility that you can use – have a look at the control panel they provide.


    I had a look in Google Apps admin and it only appears to be able to forward to and from google site addresses, it’s not clear. .

    If you mirror a website it will show your new domain in the address bar but the site itself is still hosted on the schools website.

    When I meant host, I thought you had got hosting for your new domain. Perhaps your register will let you point the domain to the other website, but I am pretty sure you need some type of domain hosting to be able to do that.

    Mirroring sounds like what I need. .

    You mean Google? Yeah need to see if I can point it somehow :1

    The guy at uni support mentioned something about not doing virtual hosting, but also not sure what bearing that would have on it. His last reply was the one you saw.

    No I do not mean google. I know nothing about google apps, I know my host has it as an add on but that is it. But I guess in this case google is your host, and what I meant by register is the place where you registerd your domain at.

    My host handles my mirror for me but I have to add said domain to the hosting in order to pick that option.

    I guess my host is the university, as the installation is on their servers. Hmm. . . .

    It sounds like I’d have to do something at their end, which is what I said to them first of all, but they don’t seem to want to do it. Ha 🙂

    No the host is not your university, they are for the site that is hosted on them but you need a host for your .com on in order to mirror the other website 🙁

    The uni host my site
    Google appear to host my domain name

    I just can’t seem to get to the bottom of linking the two. .

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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