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direct link to page ‘n’ via javascript

  • Hi everyone !

    I am currently working on a new way to access older posts on my blog:
    I’d like to use a slider (as seen on alexrabe.boelinger.com ) that redirects to the desired page.

    I already found how to create the slider (with mootools 1.11 ), with the right number of steps.

    Now I need to write a javascript function that would lead me directly to the page where i dropped the slider, but I no idea on how to do that.
    Iwould also like a PHP or Js function returning the currently browsed page number.

    My blog pages structure is http://www.o2xygene.fr/page/page_number (except for the home page http://www.o2xygene.fr/ )

    thanks for your help, Kind regards from france,

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